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Financial institutions training on supporting the biodigester sector Trainings

The trainings will be held in Nyeri (White Rhino Hotel) from Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th July and then in Muranga (Nokras Hotel) from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th July in Murang’a .

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SEE - Clean Cooking's African Biodigester Component Kenya

The SEE - Clean Cooking's African Biodigester Component Kenya program aims to develop the market for small-scale biodigesters in Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali and medium-scale biodigesters in Kenya.

About Program
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Scope, Aim And Ambition

Design and implement actions contributing to increasing access to finance for (M)SME’s active in any part of the supply chain. Map core activities that will increase access to finance into the biodigester market (Co-)develop loan products specifically designed for end-users.

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March 14th - 15th Access to finance Workshop

The two-day event focused on co-creating solutions to overcome financing hurdles that have hindered greater adoption of biodigesters by end users like farmers. Financial institutions such as banks, SACCOs, microfinance institutions and credit firms presented pilot proposals outlining their strategies to finance biodigester purchases and installations.

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Objective Of The Programme

“To achieve a sustainable, stable and growing market for biodigesters that significantly contributes to achieving national energy access and climate targets, by following a market-based approach to triggering demand, promoting the supply of high-quality technology and services and improving the enabling environment.”


Why Biodigesters

Why Biodigesters

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